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Sun Mountain Bath Co., was created to bring a luxe & therapeutic experience to our daily self care rituals.

My soaks, bombs, salves, lotion bars, scrubs, oils, toners, and masks are always small batch, hand crafted, with natural and organic base ingredients.  They custom tailored with essential oils, botanicals, and cbd oil for a luxe and therapeutic self care experience!

     – Beth

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My Philosophy

I am passionate about your wellness!  I believe whole health starts with self care!  To that end I offer self care treatments, personalized yoga, and luxe and organic bath, body and skin care to bring the spa experience to your daily self care rituals! 

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Come craft your very own self indulgent treat! We would love for you and your friends to join us reguarly or help you celebrate a special event!

Yoga Offerings

Yoga offerings can include private classes, semi private classes, or small or group classes can also be arranged. I love to custom tailor yoga instruction to your specific needs and goals, whether for strengthening, gaining flexibility, or facilitating stress reduction and mindfulness. Additionally, combining massage with some yoga instruction makes for a very thorough body work session!

Loving Writings!

Testimonials & Reviews

“I absolutely love the bath salts I have tried from Sun Mountain Bath Co! They smell so good and make my skin feel so soft after getting out of the bath! Plus the CBD really helps me relax. Highly recommend!!”

– Kaylee M.

“Just received my order: bath salts, lotion bars and bath bombs! They have amazing aromas and incredibly nourishing for body and soul. I felt amazing after bath. My boys, who are runners, love the soothing, warming properties after a long run or workout. These are the best!”

– Sue H.

“Amazing products! The lotion bars are so soothing especially with the added CBD! Love the way they feel and smell! Highly recommend!”

– Aleia V.

“Beth’s products are made with the highest quality ingredients and lots of love. I have been using the same love lotion bar with CBD every night before bed to keep my hands moisturized, which is quite the task living in a very dry climate. Not only are my hands super soft, but some of my sun spots have faded out almost completely. And for relaxation and healthful rejuvenation, any of her bath products are the only thing I use now. The perfect blend of luxury and healing. Treat yourself, and support a stellar human in the process!!!”

– Katy P.

I have very sensitive skin, but these products are so pure ~ my skin loves them as much as I do! I have tried multiple Sun Mountain Bath Co. products and my new favorite is the Lovin’ Lotion! With the CBD enhancement, it really does make everything better! Seriously! It has helped me with all sorts of pain and discomfort, and I’ve had zero negative reactions or effects. Beth is so talented with putting the exact perfect combination together to create a therapeutic experience, during every use. I have tried SO many products that didn’t work out, and this is now a forever product for me. 

– Sophia M.

I have been using several of Beth’s products with great satisfaction. I love that they are naturally sourced, small batch and local. I feel safe using them all on my body. I have to especially praise her Renew facial oil. This product smells divine and makes my skin feel so soft and smooth for hours without appearing shiny or oily It absorbs really well and feels great!

– Christie S.

Hair Revive Oil — this stuff… I started using this after this summer, while healing from a year of chemotherapy and radiation. To say the least, I’m careful about what I use. My hair is growing in! It’s crazy, it’s all over the place, it is funky layers and lengths, but my hair is BACK!!! What I particularly like, is that I was really scared to touch my hair, my scalp, during chemo. Every time I did, hair fell out. Hair Revive Oil, just a small amount on my fingertips massaged gently into my scalp, made the process of regrowth and healing comfortable and nurturing. My hair didn’t fall out as I re-acquainted myself with my own noggin and I can’t believe how quickly my healthy hair is growing back. The bottle will last me a year. Love it 

– Gina S.